You and me are all slaves of the selfies era but some of the below mentioned selfies are a little too ______( fill in the appropriate word of your choice ) !!

1. Selfies at funerals. (No kidding)

2.The oh so famous Duck face selfie( Women ! You are giving those aliens a tough competition )

3.Look at my underdeveloped abs ....yes the Early morning Gym selfie

4.Iam eating delicious food selfie ( like we care )

5.Iam wearing seatbelt and I can drive selfie ( Great ! Now you won't even die soon)
6.Haircut selfie
7.selfie with the pet

8.Selfie with own baby or someone else's baby (I wish the kid poo's on you )

9. Pregnant selfie ( Or better yet why don't you put up a selfie of the stretch marks post pregnancy  )

10. I got myself a Selfie stick selfie ( Maybe I should block you now)

11.I can also cook selfie ( we hope you become as fat as an elephant )

12.The selfie with the newly weds and sometimes by the newly weds themselves

13.The Iam so bored selfie ( so are we seeing your face)
14.I voted selfie ( we all did )

15.Iam dancing at the pub selfie ( and I'm snoring )
16.for non church/temple goers there probably is a church/temple selfie too
17. Got a new vehicle selfie( don't forget to take number 5 selfie on this list)
18. The hospital selfie

Tis the season of selfies indeed! I myself love taking selfies and I' myself am a culprit of number 4,7,12 mentioned above ! This post is more like a "reminder to self" for me too !! Taking selfies are good  but unknowngly we lose our precious time in taking these shots.We are too busy fixing our hair and editing our pictures!. No time to console ! No time to care! No time to help! No time to share! But there is enough time to show off these  innumerable snaps to the world  & claim that you have a life . Do you ?really? Are you a living lie?A kind word and a warm hug is  probably what will create memory than a photograph where feelings are unexchanged!  ! Take your time out from the screen ...!!  Look into your friends' eye... Not the camera ..and make a conversation ... Talk.. Laugh.. Giggle .. Fight... Hug.... ! There is no harm in clicking photos ... But it shouldn't be the ONLY thing you do when you go out !!

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