18 Health tips for a glowing skin

1. Water tops the list
At least 3 litre per day -  The more the better . Water a day keeps pimples away

Oranges,Lemon,Papaya,Pomegranate,Banana are a few of the fruits among the big list.

3. Veggies
Spinach ,Beet root ,Cucumber ,Lettuce ,Carrot ,Tomato

4. Avoid non veg.
As crazy as this sounds avoid non veg as much as possible especially the deep fried ones! You can have boiled egg it will be enough to satisfy your body's protein content .

5. Avoid coffee and tea
Anything with caffeine is bad for skin

6 Green tea
Green is great for skin .Add a few drops of  lemon to avoid that raw flavour of green tea

6. Avoid chocolates candies or cookies or kind any DIRECT sugar

7.Drink half a cup of curd/yogurt every day at dinner ! It's a probiotic- useful for your digestive system

8. NO inbetween snacks !

9. Consume pulses and legumes

10. Nuts- almonds,peanut , cashew. A handful a day will help

11. Juices. It must be home made. Vegetable or fruit juice with minimum amount of sugar.

12. Soup. Again must be home made

13 Eat more of newly prepared fresh food and less of refrigerated items which is a day or two old

14. Exercise - skipping, going for a walk, playing badminton, squats, push-ups!

15. Yoga for a stress free mind

16. Lots of sleep ! No wonder they call it beauty sleep.

17. Multivitamin tablets

18. Seven seas fish liver oil capsules

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