My 50 day survival without whatsapp & facebook

Giving up whatsapp & fb for 50 days was the best decision I have taken till date. So glad I could stick to it although my fingers were itching to give up!

The 10 things I did during these 50 days without whatsapp & Facebook

1. I prayed more.
The time I spent praying increased automatically. I guess social media and prayer-time are inversely proportional. Sacrificing  non veg food and social media has no meaning if you don't pray more than your usual.

2.Got exposed to my creative side.

I drew till my fingers gave up. I painted till my table was a colourful mess. I'm learning  calligraphy(self teaching) . I made very simple DIY projects which included a pretty flower vase out of eggshells, a gorgeous necklace out of pista shells and so on . I posted these pics on Instagram every once in a while along with the other art with everyday objects I see around.   If you are really interested : dranpuzac ( Instagram) (p.s: don't have high expectations­čśŐ I'm a beginner at this )

3.Learned to ride a two wheeler

Yes I can happily take you on a ride in a two wheeler (without license

4.Attempted sewing.
Attempted sewing only to realise that it's not my thing. But hats off to people who can stitch ( hand stitching of course )  ! You need a lot of patience for this!

5.I blew life into this blog

I made sure I had a post up every week! Never did that till date! :) and indiblogger votes made my hands itch to write more and more ( just like my blog name )

6.Reality check ---got to know who my real friends were.

 This one was the sad part. I thought I'll be hugely missed but sadly I wasn't ! I have more than on 800 friends on fb and  456 whatsapp contacts but I had below five people who actually missed me and kept in touch with me via email or call! Though I know I'll be flooded with messages when I return it won't  bring me any joy because I know that only these five people will be there at my funeral. Less is more they say. A few good friends is all you need! Social media can only get you invisible friends. Visible only on screen. Invisible in times of need. No wonder they say truth hurts.

7.coook-KING or KING cook

Learnt cooking basics.just the basics . Just enough to survive. Not a master in it. Definitely not but my chapattis no longer look like maps and I can bake cakes :)I'm more interested in making food that I haven't tasted yet and is less interested in making the usual rice ,curry &chapatis  Hey future hubby(wherever you are & whoever you are) you are officially the person whom I'm gonna experiment my food with ! :) whether it's good bad or yucky you are lucky enough to taste new food all the time ­čśä

8. Spending time with my parents
Ok I know we are all kind hearted children and we all spend quality time with our folks but I started noticing and listening more to what they were saying rather than dipping my head into the screen. Sometimes all they want from us is our attention.

9. I Realized that challenges are good ! 
Challenging yourself of things you thought you could never achieve and going against all odds to get it is great! It's an amazing feeling. A beautiful feeling that you get from within! It's beyond any understand and cannot be put to words. My next challenge is no sugar challenge­čś× don't know when to start it since it's sooooo hard. But yes the harder the better ! The more things you have control over in life the better you raise as a human being is the saying. Let's see. No harm in trying right? But always remember there will be people mocking you and laughing at you. Never give ears to that.

10.Lets inspire 
Why did i take the pain to write all this? To inspire at least one person around me to try this out and see the difference it makes. Make sure to share your experience thus inspiring more & more people.

 Last but not the least I had my friend chris sara. She did this lent without social media along with me!  Proud of her as well :) and she is a bride to be so wishing her joyful years ahead. Chris if you are reading this...." I hope we do this every year girl" !!

Advance happy Easter to all of you who are reading this now:) have a blessed sunday for the lord has risen:) let's spread love !

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