Cook-KING 🍳🍲🍜

Cooking days

Day 1- Even if you boil them for a whole day these potatoes will still remain uncooked

Day 2- I dislike washing dishes post cooking

Day 3- Burnt my hand today

Day 4- Forgot to put salt in vegetable curry

Day 5- Remembered  to put salt. Only thing is I ended up putting a bit too much! End result --- no one ate that dish !!

Day 6- Onions are my soul enemies. I cut them and they make me cry for it

Day 7- The boiling milk theory- The minute you move away from the stove the milk shall boil and pour all over the counter

Day 8- Never put both chilli & pepper together unless ofcourse your enemies are coming over for dinner

Day 9- Capsicum rocks

Day 10- Soya sauce saved the day! Turned my bland vegetable curry into a Chinese dish

Day 11- The tomato curry became watery . Might as well drink it as a soup

Day 12- anyone up for Sticky upma ??

Day 13- My chappati's  look like the countries on a world map

Day 14-Always have an electric stove as a backup
Gas khatam!

Day 15- Forgot to put garlic in my channa side dish. Got to find those ENO sachets just in case !

Day 16-1st successful chicken curry

Day 17- you forgot to exercise today? Oh well just scrape a coconut for me!

Day 18- chilli , salt & onions. Buy them before they finish off

Day 19- Never buy too many lemons

Day 20-You can never learn cooking by merely watching or tasting . You must have burnt hands and cut fingers/nails.

Day 21- Remember  you are not selected for masterchef Australia   to pour water without measuring

Day 22- In need of a TV in the kitchen. And a charging /plug point

Day 23-Your guests & neighbours will always get the smell of what you are,were,and will be cooking

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