I gave up social media this lent


                  Lent started yesterday!  What is lent ? Jesus spent 40 days fasting and praying ! So we Christians do the same in remembrance of that. It's an act of giving up something you like. Why give up? Because it shows that god is given the top most priority in your life. Fasting means nothing if there is no praying that goes along with it. Full on fasting and No praying means you are just following the crowd . You are just being part of a ritual blindly.
       It's not necessary to fast. There is no compulsion to give up things you like. It's a choice . But praying during lent is compulsory. When I say praying I don't mean the usual 5 minute prayer right before you go to bed or right when you get up! I mean complete devotion. It's easier said than done but no harm in trying right. It's near to impossible for a person who prays for 5 min to pray for 30 min ! But gradually it can be increased ! Take it slowly! Step by step! There's no hurry! Make that 5 minutes into 10 and later 15!!  I ain't no saint myself. I'm still at that 10 min myself but Iam working my way to 30 min slowly each day. Your efforts will be appreciated by god. Iam sure such things are mocked upon nowadays. Anything you do against the flow makes you weird. If you tell others about prayer /church or anything related to that the next question that follows is omg what happened to you!? No one wants to pray but yet they expect god to do wonders for them.

    I realised I have no messages but still I'm tempted to open my whatsapp or Facebook atleast every two hours of the day. I took a count and realised that it's a sort of an addiction . Atleast when I see a notification pop up my curious eyes would not let my mind be at peace if it did not catch a glimpse of it. So this lent .. I'm giving up whatsapp and Facebook.  I don't know how far it is going to be successful because Iam just a human and humans make mistake . .. but why not give it a try?!  Do what they call "the impossible"!!

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