Can you read me?

Did you encounter my concerned eyes 
The smile on my face 
a mere reflection of yours 
My expressions don't lie nor they hide 
Scribed in bold as visible as the moon 
Did you Grasp this at the first glance?
That's my query for you 
Can you read me ? ! 

My character reflects the invisible me 
My responses unveils my concern
My heart outlined by empathy 
My way of life casts forth the truth 
Written on my soul as invisible as the air 
Did you grasp this my friend ? 
That's my query to you
Can you read me ? 

Spotting you cheerful & glowing 
Only that can fetch a smile on my face 
Indeed , happiness is shortlived 
In a blink of an eye you push me away 
The gloom wraps me around like a snake 
Yet my thoughts are selfless 
And will love  unconditionally 
With no returns& expectations I walk forth
Never will I  disturb nor trouble 
But will stand afar and watch over 
But just so you know 
I don't judge the way others do
In this life on earth we meet many but no one has read me till date 
But hope someone will someday! 

This poem is written based on the title 'read me' given  to me today morning by one of my best friend!

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