Dear diary

Dear diary ,
Today I was overfed by mother human! As a token of love I decided to puke on their white carpet. She shouted something in their language . Their language is so confusing I tell you ! Our feline meows and purrs rock ! Later through the day some human kids showed up at my house. One boy human decided to pull my tail. I thought I should also let him know who he is messing with! I just touched his rosy cheeks with my paw ! The very next second he  started crying like as though I  snatched his share of fish away! Didn't know the kids of these species  are such fragile dumb heads ! You touch them and they cry! But when they pull your tail they expect us to still say meow and cuddle with them! I hid under the bed till the human kids left!

Ps: did I tell you I sharpened my nails earlier today ?!

Nunu the cat
This photo was taken by the girl human  when I was asleep ! I hate it when  she  posts my pics publicly without my consent !  Ahhhhh it's revenge time !!!! 

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