That boy wearing black T-shirt kept calling me mom. Who is he?

Today a young man in his late twenties visited the dental clinic Im currently working in along with his mother. After the necessary dental treatment was done for the man I asked if the mother also needed a dental checkup. She said " I like red colour the most out of all colours ". I was confused. I didn't ask about her favorite colour. Then why was she telling me this. After paying the bill when they were about to leave the young man whispered  "My Mother has Alzheimers, that's why she keeps talking about random things, sorry". I didn't know what to say. I just stood there blank. This incident striked me deeply.
           After a bit of Research on the internet about the symptoms and signs  I thought about writing a story about an Alzheimer's patient but later decided against it. Since a picture is worth thousand words here are a few cartoons i drew depicting the stages of Alzheimer's.Alzheimer's is a progressive and degenerative disease with 3 major stages (mild,moderate & severe)& 7 sub-stages. Friends & family are usually the first ones to detect it. 

Very mild decline 

Includes misplacing valuable objects
Mild decline 

Forgets recent information. 
Eg: Forgetting something they just read or the name of a person they met minutes prior.
Moderate decline

Always moody or depressed
Unable to organise or plan
Moderately severe decline

-Need a person's assistance.
- They find it hard to recall their own address and phone number. 
-They become disoriented with respect to time and place.
Severe decline

-They sleep during the day and wander at night
-Forgets names of family members
- Becomes extremely moody. 
- Need a person's assistance all the time
Very severe decline

-Muscles become rigid ( cannot swallow)
-Sitting without support becomes hard
- Cannot interact with anyone 

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