How much is too much?

Are you a social media addict?
Are you an internet addict?
Are you a slave to your phone?

To find out, try answering this quiz and if you answer yes add 1 point each time. At the end of the quiz you will find out which category you fall into.
1.Is checking your phone the first thing you do when you wake up?
2.Are you offline only when you go to sleep at night?
3.Are you restless when you forget your phone at home?
4.Are you sad when you leave your charger at home?
5.Do you comment on others pictures at least once daily?
6.When you and your friends go out to eat. Do you take a picture of the food and post it on WhatsApp or Instagram before you start eating?
7. Can you sit two hours straight online?
8. Do you take your phone to the bathroom?
9. Do you take unlimited selfies when you are dressed up just to change your profile picture?
10. Does your phone turn off at least twice a day due to no charge?
11. Do you carry a power bank with you wherever you go?
12. Do you read books and news online?
13. Are you active in group conversations?
14. Do you hate people who reply to your texts very late?
15.  No work, free WiFi and a cozy bed. Would you call that heaven?
16. Does your mother or father keep telling you  that you are using the internet excessively?
17. Do you find it hard to delete old apps ?
18. Do you play online games whenever you get free time?
19. Do you do all your shopping online?
20. Do you watch the trailers of all the latest movies?

1-5 ---You are safe. You use the internet only when needed.
5-10 ----You are not a slave to the social media but you can definitely reduce the unwanted usage.
11-15--- You are an addict. You need to start living a life outside the internet.
15 and above -- You need help.

Have ever wondered how long it has been since your buttocks are glued to the chair you are sitting in right now? Have you used that special glue? You know the glue that unsticks only when you have to use the bathroom or when your wifi stops working? Have you calculated how much time you spend each day on the internet?  Even though your eyes grow weary and your fingers ache from constantly scrolling up and down you just don't give up. Even though your neck hurts and your battery charge is low you still can't stop. Have you ever thought why is that so? The reasons are as follows:
     FOMO is fear of missing out. The need to be constantly updated in everything happening around you is the main reason. You become apprehensive that others might have fun without you. They might even isolate you if you are not on track with them.

2. Being nosy 
     The need to stalk what your friends or even enemies are up to has become a daily chorus. Their success, their failures and their relationships is what you take a sneak peak of everyday.

3. The innocent mask we wear

    The ever smiling face you portray to your friends online is the type of person you want to become. Truth be told, you are no where close to becoming that person.

4. A get-away from the real world. 
    You become slaves of the virtual world because you feel that it makes you forget all the stress & responsibilities around you temporarily. A parallel existing world which is more peaceful and compelling. People who hate their jobs or have family issue have a higher tendency to become addicts to the internet. A world where you feel validated and wanted.

I can give it up anytime I want. This is something every addict claims. 

Can u deactivate your facebook? Uninstall WhatsApp , Instagram & Twitter? Can you stop playing games online? Will you vow never to shop online ever again? Sounds impossible right? That's because you are an addict.

How can this be solved? Here are 4 ways to help you :

1. Two must have apps. 

    RescueTime and Quality time are two apps which let's us know how much time we spend on the internet including how much time we spend on each app on your phone. You can set a time limit so that this app can alert you when your internet break is over.
2. Leave the phone at home at least two days a week.
    You will be moody and anxious the first few times. Think of these as your withdrawal symptoms. Trust me you won't die if you don't take your phone with you everywhere. If you can't leave your phone at home then leave your charger at home. This way you know that you can only use the internet only till your phone turns off.

3. Keep yourself engaged in other activities.
    Social media can definitely wait. Your boss is not going to fire you  because you did not like his profile picture. But he will do so , if you don't meet the deadlines. Engage yourself in things you love the most. Painting, music, writing, theatre, sports, travelling, photography are a few on the list. Go to the gym with your friends. Take guitar classes. Try to start a stamp collection. Go fishing. There is so much you can do than sitting inside closed doors with only a screen to stare at. The next time you are tempted to play a game online, call up your friends or neighbours and play an outdoor game. Whether it be cricket, basketball or badminton it will rejuvenate your body's muscles which have been unmoved since ages. If you are not a sports person you can play caroms, chess or even cards. Girls have a special weakness when it comes to online shopping. The next you feel the need to do so make a trip with your best friends to the mall and shop all you want.

4. Self control
   The next time you see a beautiful scenery. Just stand there and enjoy it instead of posting it on Instagram. Try not to Snapchat what you had for breakfast. Try not to post selfies on facebook when you meet your friends after a long time. Don't watch all the latest trailers or read the movie reviews. Just go and watch the movie. Try not to take your phone to the bathroom. And kindly try to stop yourself from checking-in wherever you go.

All these cannot be given up within a day. You can get over this addiction if you put an effort to it.It is a gradual slow process. The minute you overcome this addiction is when you will actually start to LIVE.

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