All that glitters is NOT gold.

          He bought the best tux available in town. She bought the most expensive gown from the boutique. He arranged for the top rated photographers . She dressed up for their pre-wedding photoshoot. He booked the finest hotel for the reception. She bought costly jewellery to match her outfit. He selected the perfect 'SAVE THE DATE' card for them. Her friends planned a bridal shower for her. He made a trip to Las Vegas with his groomsmen for the bachelor party. He booked a jaguar car to travel from home to church on the wedding day. She swiped her mother's ATM card to pay the event management team their advance money. He printed 2000 biggest and most innovative invitation cards. She  imported rare flowers for the bouquet and the car. He purchased  personalised gifts for the guests. She went to a world famous celebrity makeup artist for her wedding makeup. He selected a ring with the biggest diamond stone. She wanted her side to look the best and he wanted his side to be the best. The wedding day went better than they planned. Their photographs put celebrities to shame. Their relatives stared at all  the glam with their eyes popped out. 6 months after the wedding the bride returned to her home. A year later they both signed the divorce register.

   It is a matter of personal choices, as it should be. If you have money then you can flaunt it. The problems creep in when you take a  LOAN for making your wedding a grand one. I would like to call these people 'The educated fools'. They dive deep into debt in order to have the wedding of their dreams and wind up paying even more in interest. A massive debt for one day of fun?  All this money for the few hours of fun within the  four corners of a banquet hall?
         Why do we have to show off so much??  Are we trying to prove our status to everyone? Are we spending money so that the whole world remembers? Is this a competition between both sides?

       All that glitters is not gold. The glamour is really shallow. Get closer . Zoom into their personal lives. You won't see the smiles you saw on their extravagant wedding  photoshoots. It's just the  outer beauty which fades with time.  Your wedding might appear grand but if you are not happy after you are married then what's the point of it all? You are fooling yourself.
          In your desperate attempt to seek attention don't forget that marriage is a holy ceremony. With all the pretentious displays of money the union of two human beings have turned into a minor detail.   Isn't there a deeper concept to your wedding ? Marriage is the unity of two souls being one. It is about love. It is about loving your partner with all the flaws. In marriage you should never belittle or compare. You should be kind and humble.  It is learning to grow together. It is putting your partner  first. It is selfless love .

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