If I could write a note to my younger self. This is what it would be.

Dear Anpu,
         Don't say yes when you want to say no. Don't follow the crowd. Elders might scold you but it will make perfect sense as to why they said NO to you for certain things as years pass by . You don't need to look like a celebrity to be beautiful. Just be yourself and the world will love you. Write more. Read more. Start a blog. Don't let  your talents rot. Improve them. Do not give up so fast. You will not find happiness in possessions. Happiness lies in the simple things of life which you are taking for granted. Make memories. Wear those fluorescent colours.   Even when you are stressed don't forget to smile. Remember that 'The rain will always be followed by the rainbow'. When you are worried ask yourself this question "Will this matter ten years from now?". Always Be humble. Don't be naive. Don't trust anyone ( not even your friends) but only trust god. Pray often not only when you want to get something done.
With love
Older self

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