The pimple ate my confidence!

Like the rising dough overnight,
When I glance into the mirror,
They stare back at me mockingly,
Away goes my day with a bad start.
I don't want anyone pointing at them today.
The one on my chin bore a son,
Even my bangs fail to hide the one on my forehead,
The oozing pus leave people staring,
Even Rudolph will laugh at me.
The urge to squeeze it is crazy,
Some vanish leaving a trace,
As a token I dare not forget.
I'm 24 kindly stop following me,
Kindly Invade a teen nearing puberty.

Ok so if you guys still didn't get what I was talking about in my poem --- it's PIMPLES
For the past 4 years I have been in a close relationship with acne but now I'm so happy to say that I broke free from its clutches.We were as inseparable like dosa and chutney! Not anymore. So when it comes to pimples I have taken PHD in it. Here is what I have learnt!

1.Change your pillow cover
2. Clean your phone screen
3.If your hair has dandruff.Get rid of it
4. Cut away your long pretty nails. Nails are a harbor for dirt and infections.
5. Stop touching your face all the time
6. Quit washing your face always (you are indirectly getting rid of the natural oil in your skin causing your face to produce more oil to compensate the loss )
7. Don't use any face wash- !!! Yeah you heard me right ! use only plain water to wash your face
8. Discontinue using any makeup products or creams which you are currently using
9. Discontinue using harsh shampoos -go mild and herbal
10. Avoid junk food
11. Avoid any food from outside - stick to home cooked meals only
12.  Egg will not cause acne  that's a myth (unless you are allergic to eggs)
13. Consume your multivitamins
14.Drink loads of water .When I say loads I literally mean loads!!!
15.Wash your face immediately after you return from outside.
16. Use a non greasy sunscreen.

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