Some things that your dentist won't tell you!

1. Within 2 hours of an accident if you bring your tooth which has fallen off ... We can re-fix  it back into your mouth ! It's called replantation

2.Warm salt water gargle is an effective home remedy (temporarily) for mostly all of your gums or teeth related  pains!

3.Clove oil works like fairy's  pixie dust

4. If you have Kept your old fallen tooth safely somewhere I suggest you put them in hydrogen peroxide for 2 months . This way it gets cleaned and becomes sparkling white.

5. Do not chew food with ONLY one side of your mouth .... Use both sides!

6.excessive use of mouthwash on the long term can leave with a dry mouth.

7.Use the mouthwash only after 20 minutes of brushing your teeth for the best results

8.Xylitol sugarless chewing gum has proved to fight decay

9. Whitening tooth paste won't whiten your teeth

10. Extraction of upper molars doesn't affect brain function nor loss of vision and you can take a shower that day itself( weird doubts )

11.Bleeding gums can be a sign of diabetes

12. Frequent bleaching leads to wearing away of enamel and finally ending up with sensitivity

13.If a dentist replaces a painless perfect silver filling with composite or any other newer fillings then he is trying to rip u off.

14.For tongue cleaning use the back of your brush . If you want to use tongue cleaners kindly use the plastic ones. Steel tongue cleaners can effect your taste sensations on the long run.

15.Messy book shelf , unorganized dental materials and cobwebs on the ceiling in a clinic can give you an idea of the cleanliness of the dentist. This is probably effecting the instrument sterilization as well. ( maybe the case but not always )

16. A clinic with excess patient inflow doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best in town. Chances are your decays will go unnoticed , your scaling(cleaning) will be half done & your fillings might not stay for long! Despite all this the charge will be the same!  The less time a dentist takes on a procedure the more chances for you to return back with a complaint. ( this is my personal observation ; need not be the case always )

17. Sticky sweet food is more dangerous than a sweet mango juice.

18. You can get braces even after the age of 35.

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