Hugging with letters

Gone are the days when we recieved or sent cards. Birthday,christmas,diwali...even friendship day cards. I use to fall in love with them. I used to even hang the cards from one end to the other with a thread in my room! I have kept all those safe with me. My most treasured possessions . Yeah I know it sounds kiddish! But I cannot explain how much I love cards & letters !!  It also serves as an historical record ! Imagine your great grandchildren finding these cards. They will be able to travel back to your world. They get a peek into your creative side. You are indirectly passing on a message to them.....' How to value relationships' !!!  .Nothing more satisfying than seeing a greeting card addressed in your name in the mailbox when your eyes are tired of seeing the bills &magazines !  Sending a message on whatsapp or  fb might be easier ( anyone can do that) but the joy in a person's face when they get a card or a letter just cannot be masked. Just the thought that someone took the effort to go to a shop to buy you a card .., took the pain to find your address ,write it down and post it makes you feel good.  The sweat and blood ( blood... Well... sorry for the exaggeration . ) that goes in it can't be put to words ! ...   Now no one takes the pain. No one has the time . Yet everyone has time for everything else.Crazy right? There was a time when people sent e-cards. I guess that season is over as well. I would prefer a personalized handmade card any day than any expensive gift !  Unless you sent a card... You will not receive one ! So let's start sending cards to our friends . It’s up to you take the initiative and begin!  I started ....hope you will too :)

So this picture right here is a Handmade card for my sister's 19th birthday:)

Cover of the card - is a painting of two girls( supposedly me and unni) standing on a mountain looking at the sky ( depiction of the endless opportunities ahead of us ) the way we call her Unni but her real name is serene ...that's a long story .! That will be up in another day's post :)
Ok I know the painting is not that great but for Something in 15 minutes of time it's pretty okay!

Inside --- me ,my dad & mom  put their thumbprints in the form of a flower. .. Unni should complete it by placing hers as well.

Back of the card - Nunu 's paw print( it was really hard to get Nunu to do this)

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