India vs. Dusky skin

We are not dark because we dipped ourselves in cow-dung. We are the naturally tanned habitat. So be jealous. But don't discriminate. We are very much human like you ! We eat ,love and live just like you .Then Why are we looked upon with disgust? If you can fall in love with dark chocolate, black tees, black hair, black coffee &black shoes then why not dark skin?  In India if you are a kali (black/dark) bride be ready to be mocked by your in-laws, relatives and just basically everyone you meet. Suppose you bore a dark child then darling it's better you hang yourself !  If not ,be ready to be killed inch by inch by the loving society's sarcastic remarks every second of your life . The westerners love our sand brown colour so much that they go to tanning parlors to achieve this skin tone .Eventually ending up with skin cancer. This skin tone is the most mimicked in the makeup industry. We on the other hand scrub our faces with steroid creams and bleach till only our facial hairs become golden. Microdermabrasion and Botox are the trend nowadays .In microdermabrasion a layer of your skin is scraped off and in Botox your wrinkles are hidden! You end up looking like an expressionless doll! It started with Hollywood catching it's way to Bollywood and now it's a trend among the common people both young and old especially the brides to be !! Anything you do against your natural body is going to harm you in the long run! It might give you a temporary glow but never a permanent solution ! You will age faster, become highly sensitive to sunlight, have uncontrollable acne eruptions and lots more ! At that point of time you can only wish to get your old skin back!. Putting on makeup is understandable it can boost a person's self esteem. Splashing water will take off the makeup so you can call it temporary But these things like Botox and microdermabrasion are irreversible. I hope someday this colourism ends and people will respect each other based on their character,talents & personality! Beauty is in the eyes of the owner not the beholder. Mind is beauty. How can we talk about the racism we face abroad if we are discriminating within our own country to our own people?

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