the teenage boy and his unspoken love

 I think I have a small crush on her.
Wait no.
I definitely have a crush on her.
It started as a small one and it's not that small anymore. I cannot make my heart stop beating those thunder beats though my mind is trying its best to stop this nonsense.
Sometimes I secretly wish she stares at me when I look away.
I feel like I become speechless when I'm near her.
 I have a million  things to tell her but i become breathless at her sight.
It's an amazing feeling.
 It is euphoric. It's addictive.
The best part is I haven't told her about it so I don't need to worry about how she will react. I don't want to scare her away.
So I guess I'll never tell her because I can't handle rejection.
Perhaps she might not be the same if i tell her this.
 But wait !

What if...just what if she has a crush on me as well?

 I wish I could read her mind.
 I think about her everyday.
 I try to hide my feelings.
 I try not to stare.
I search for her face among the crowd.
 I have read about one sided love in story books.
Who knew it can actually happen in real life as well.
 Wait..... did I just say love?

---- the teenage boy & his unspoken love



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