Stepping on the ladder towards a healthy heart. ( Saffola healthy heart writing contest)

I slack on the couch in the morning taking pleasure in sipping from my beer bottle and crunching on a packet of Chips as I watch the never ending cascade of television shows. My ‘work at home’ option has made me and my couch inseparable. I have monthly targets to meet. Failing to reach the monthly goal will leave me without a job. Though I’m well aware of this chilling situation I still procrastinate my duties till the last week of the month. It’s like dragging my own feet into fire by putting off everything I’m entitled to be doing.

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That last week of every month is stressful. I become so anxious that I forget to eat food and end up ordering food from outside.  The constant worry about the list of things to do doesn’t allow me to sleep. I stay awake the whole night trying to finish up my work. I have pangs of attacks imagining myself without a job. In those days I feel like a devil has entered my body and sucked out all my happiness leaving me in desolation. There was a point when I don’t even attend phone calls from my parents. I smoke more than ten cigarettes per day during that week to keep my cool. After an extreme chase after time by hook or by crook I complete that particular month’s target.

I saw the doctor’s eyes widen as I spoke and at some point I think he even stopped blinking.

“Phew! I have your ECG reports . There are slight variations in the ECG.I’m sorry to tell you that it seems that you had a mild heart attack.”

I couldn't believe those words. I felt anesthetized for a minute.

Seeing my anxious face the doctor said “Calm down!  I asked you to narrate your monthly routine to know your lifestyle. He showed me a picture which looked like this
 I paid heed to every word that spilled from him because now I’m in desperate need to be alive.
He said “These small steps will bring an enormous transformation to a healthy heart.”

1.      Stay Active
*You will have to revert your ‘work at home ‘option and say goodbye to your couch. 

*Walk to your office or walk 30 minutes per day prior to work. You can increase the time gradually.

* Enroll in yoga classes or a fitness center if you think walking is not your cup of tea.

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2.      Eating Healthy
*Make use of the time you take for television to cook yourself homemade healthy food. 

*Consume green leafy vegetables, fruits and fiber rich foods.

* You will have to steer clear of junk food, alcoholic beverages and smoking. 

*Keep yourself hydrated all the time. You must have a minimum of 8 glasses per day.

 *Keep in mind that excess of salt and sugar is damaging.

*Go low on the caffeine and dairy products

*Add grounded flax seeds to your food. 

*Switch to Oats instead of fatty breakfast. Saffola Masala Oats is a good option for this.

3.      Being Happy
By postponing your work you are indirectly causing trauma to your mind and straining your body. Only if the soul is happy the body will stay healthy. You need to complete your tasks daily instead of dawdling with it and pushing it till the end. In this way not only can you sleep better but you can also live peacefully without any fear of the future.

Before leaving the clinic I promised the doctor that I will follow these small steps to living a healthy heart and a healthy life.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


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