Seven types of people you need to stay away from:-

The Under estimator
     Some people under estimates everyone around them. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or  talented or beautiful they just have to put you down by underestimating your power making you feel worthless.

The Spender & the parasite.
       The one who spends money lavishly without a thought  is the spender and the second one is the one who makes you spend. I think its pretty obvious from the title. So basically the parasite feeds on the spender. It doesn't always have to be money orientated. It can also be energy. You work hard for a project but your friend/co-worker steals all the credit for it.

The Cold hearted. 
  Some people are born that way. They are too numb to react. They are indifferent to everything. Those are type of people you should be away from. Then there are others who became stone hearted due to the numerous bad experiences/phases they have gone through. 

Attention beggers.
       Attention chasers run behind with people who don't even care to be keep in touch with you. Those are forced relationships. It may be your friend /wife/lover. They are not responding to you because you are NOT their priority. Hard to sink in right?  It's your mind that keep comforting you every time making you feel that  they are busy or maybe they didn't see your call. If there is a will there is a way. If you mattered the most to them they would do anything to respond back asap.

The know- it-all's! 
    What they do best is bragging about themselves. They will not agree to anything you say because they are the know -it -alls. Yes they know everything. Or atleast that's what they think. You can never win an argument with such people.

The competitor
       These people compete with everyone around them for the smallest of things.Losing is their biggest fear. Things become worse when they are jealous and have a poisonous tongue( I call that" the jealous tongue")

The Jealous tongue
     The ones who are jealous of you are not your enemies. It's your friends. Sad truth. And the product when a jealous tongue starts talking is gossip.

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