The Empty Chair

Those 9 months felt like 9 years. Morning sickness and food cravings. Sleepless nights and moody days. Swelled up legs and overgrown breasts. Unfit dresses and stares all around. Inflated tummy and multiplied visits to the loo. I Missed my skinny jeans and halter necks. I envied my husband every time he munched on those crispy 'Lays' and sipped that frizzy Pepsi. No more heels. No more dancing. No more bumpy road travels. No more work. I gave it all up for my junior.
Finally you came into this earth on a rainy day. You were my baby, my love and my life. I watched you grow as days passed by. Your rosy cheeks I kissed every night. While other mom's dumped their little ones at day-care, I gave up my dream job to give you my care. Your diapers and poop never disgusted me. You grew up in my arms safe and secure.  To see you become the best, I sent you to the finest school in town. I tried to get a job after all these years but no one hired me. Some said that I crossed their age limit while other's said that I did not have adequate experience. I sacrificed my sleep to pack your tiffin box. I didn't buy you that hotwheels car because we were in a financial crisis, not because I didn't love you.
    Years flew by and you were an young adult. You wanted a bike because all your friends had one. I bought you one without asking you why. Your twelfth grade results made me frown yet I consoled you saying college is there for you to improve.
        In college you tricked me again. You came home with arrears. You lived on alcohol and drugs. You partied day and night. You splurged our hard earned money on your girlfriends. Your father pointed fingers at me. He said i pampered and spoiled you. After college days you sat home unemployed with no regrets. You found me annoying every time I asked you to hunt for a job. When I struggled to pay your college loan you asked me purchase a new car for you. I got angry and you felt bad. You left home that day. I sat awake all night crying away the hours.
     Two days later you came back like you had never left home. You said you wanted to marry a girl. I didn't allow because you didn't have a job yet. You gnashed your teeth and screamed bad words into my ears. It still echoes whenever I'm alone. You said I forbid you to get married to her since she belonged to another caste. But I was more concerned about the girl. How will you keep her content without a job? How will you start a family life without money?
    To settle scores with me you register married her. I always wanted your wedding to be a grand one with blessings from all elders and a feast of a reception. Like a busting bubble my wishes vanished into thin air. Still, I did not show any sign of hate instead I loved you dearly till date. Days flew by and your wife became pregnant. After 9 months she whispered to me “these 9 months felt like 9 years "! One night I slept more peacefully than ever before. An undisturbed sleep, bidding farewell to mankind. Now all I can do is look down from above. I can see you crying beside my empty chair. You could never love me back while I was there. Then why do you weep over my decaying body.

      The value of a parent will only be known once we become parents ourselves. A plant spreads its root in its initial days and years later it becomes a tree. It stands firm due to its strong roots. Same applies to parents. They are the ones who plant our roots in the form of morals and values. Being a parent is all about love, sacrifice, and discipline. We don't realise what they did for us till we see their empty chair. So before it’s too late shower them back with love and care that they deserve

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