A poem by Serene Sarah Zachariah (my sister)


I lay back down and close my eyes
It has been seven years I realise
The days have passed
The dreams have crashed
I look back again, not in despair
I turn back again, for just a glare
It was a day,my wedding day
Just as I had dreamed, the day would be
Laughter and joy filled the air
Preparations continued with no time to spare.
I looked at the sky with hopes of tomorrow
It smiled back at me without any sorrow
The morning light had filled my room
My heart was glad without any gloom
I looked at my face
And i had began to praise
For the day had come
My wedding day,the most awaited one
I stood there in pure white
And my parents looked at me with pride
Their daughter, oh so dear
Will leave them, in time oh so near
The moment was nearing
There was no point in fearing
Then a sudden phone call
Changed the mood the church hall
In an accident, groom had died
Shattered and heartbroken ,there I cried
I was hoping to go back in time
But the clock had already struck nine
It was evening and I open my eyes
My life has changed, I realise
Old dreams have been washed off
And new ones have taken a loft
Life goes on and there is no stop
More doors will be open
For there is a God, there is much more to happen .

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