My bus ride to work ---The helmet, 500 rupee note & ANupama

      I usually go by the bus to work .It takes around thirty minutes to reach my bus stop. This particular day was filled with countless amusing incidents in a span of half an hour. I couldn't stop myself from penning it down.
       I was sitting in the window seat when I saw a middle aged couple pacing in a scooter beside our bus. At first i thought they wanted to overtake and go ahead of our bus that's when the lady waved hands and screamed for the bus to stop. So i told the conductor to stop the bus. That man stopped the scooter near bus door and boarded the bus in a hurry along with his wife . He did not realise that he boarded the bus with his "HELMET" on. He sat in a vacant seat along with his wife. Even after  a good solid ten minutes  he did not take the helmet down. It was too funny for all of us to see him sitting in the bus with the Helmet. Suddenly his wife realised that everyone was staring at her husband. She looked at him and started giggling.  She  whispered to him to remove the helmet. Everyone in the bus bursted out laughing.
    After a while  the conductor approached a young boy for the bus ticket. He had no change in his wallet. He took out a 500 rupee note from his wallet. The conductor flared his nostrils and stared fiercely at him. The conductor seemed so furious that he would have even breathed fire if he opened his mouth. He ordered for the change. The boy started digging his pockets to no avail. The timid boy told the conductor again that he didn't have any change. The conductor asked the driver to stop the bus and ordered him to get down. Yes all this happens in India.All the passengers were feeling sorry for him. Just as he was about to get down an old man standing next to him handed the conductor a ten rupee note and said " I will pay for him". Everyone turned around to see this good Samaritan. The boy kept saying thank you thank you thank you thank you at least ten times. The old man just smiled.

        After some time our bus reached the Anupama Theatre Stop, the conductor shouted "anupama", anupama" .A lady who was busy talking on her phone, jumps and says

"Entha enne viliche? ( translation: Why Did you call me?)

The bus roared into laughter.

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