The Red Massacre


                    Here comes valentine's day with people stuffing my newsfeed with cheesy quotes (most of which are googled )and not to forget the pictures of those overly enthusiastic couples wearing red. Irritated with Facebook you end up opening your whatsapp only to find your phone getting stuck  due to the countless valentine's wishes , images and corny gifs. It's so cliche now. Come on, if you really love your partner then everyday should be valentine's day not one out of the three sixty five days. Love yourself, love your partner & do what your heart desires not what the society tells you to. Why  should you behave differently this day than you do another day of your entire life?

                This desperate attempt for validation has crossed it's boundaries so much that even professional photographers are hired to take pictures of the perfect candle lit dinner of the two dressed in their best. The urge to show off is at it's stinking best with the rise of social media platforms. It's a competition between "Who wore it better" , "who took the best photos" and "who is richer "!  And ofcourse how can we forget those couples who  check- in to the most expensive restaurants or maybe travel to  an exotic island on this day.

                Couples who overshare are just displaying their insecurity to the world. Atleast that's what science says and  i couldn't agree more. The  #innumerable #hastags are another #lunatic way of  #staging this over the top #display of #affection. When I see this I can't help but roll my eyes & secretly judge their performance.

               Saint Valentine would have been filthy rich had he been alive right now because the marketing world sure is making big bucks in his name. Hallmark, landmark, Archies, flower shops, cake shops, fancy restuarants and the list goes on. They know how to make money when you are ever ready to spent it.The movies and advertisements we watched over the years also has a massive impact on magnifying and  brainwashing our thoughts on V-Day. They drilled an agenda which laid down a continuous pressure in doing something extraordinary on this particular day.

                  My facebook newsfeed looks like this right now as I scroll down.Roses, cards, flowers , chocolates, couple photo, heart shaped balloons, couple in red photo, love quote stolen after several attempts of googling, more roses, girl showing off her big rose bouquet,  candle lit dinner , couple dressed in pink, boy showing off his gifts and it goes on and on and on. Calm down everyone. Valentine's day is just another day. I know you both dont mind  wiping each other's bum but do we need to know that now ? No and no. Barf . Okay. Enough judging for the day. In short what I wanted to say is let's stop inflating this day as the only day to love , instead let's spread love everyday (ofcourse without displaying it on social

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