Breaking the shackles of laziness

Hello world. 

                      I'm the kind of person who prefers using pen and paper while writing a post and typing it out later  . That being said i just realised now that the last time I lifted up a pen to write something here was eight long months ago. Yes my last blog post was in December and then boom. I vanished somewhere. I will tell you where i was hiding all this while in a minute, but before that let me just tell you that today's post may not be as fun or creative as my earlier post's because I have lost that rhythm of writing and i need time to get back so cut me some slack guys.  I tried a lot to refresh my mind on what to write and dug every groove of my brain to get a spark . I tried to put myself into the skin of characters and write a story but today is just not the day. It's like you have been inside a dark cave and today when you decide to finally come out the bright sun is giving your eyes a hard time to open up and see the world.

                      So the mysterious question of where i was all this while comes back. You can say that this is what LOVE does to you. (blushing). or maybe it's my laziness.  Yes that's right . My wedding date was fixed in January and i fell in love with the person my parent's found me. His name is Rohit Thomas. We got engaged on the 2nd of April and our  wedding was a month later on the 7th of May. It was exactly two days after my birthday. From here on I  became We & Mine became Ours. We will share the link for  you to have a sneak peak  of the most beautiful time of my life (engagement and wedding ) below.  

Wedding :

Art by : me :-)
Have a great day :)

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