CHENNAI - a role model city

Clouds burst pouring out darkness,
The thunderstorms showed it's vengeance.
The city was submerged,
But our souls cannot be engulfed.
Even when stress flooded our minds
when we had nothing to eat
Even when roaring tides masked the screams,
We knew it was all temporary
And Our hopes did not fade a bit.
For we knew the clouds will dissolve
Bringing back the smiling sun.
We witnessed oneness as the flooded rivers overflowed
Breaking down the boundaries of religion
Demolishing bridges separating rich and the poor
Helping hands arose every corner,
Mankind displayed selfless care.
We can either live through the flood or let it drown us,
We decided the former.

This poem is dedicated to all the people of chennai who went
out of their way offering a helping hand to others during the Flood.
I'm proud to say that I have spent 5 years of my college life there.
Dedicated to all CHENNAI-ITES! You guys are a role model to others.

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