Labeling is what we do best.

Here are a few things that you get to hear if you live in India ! 
This post is to create awareness and to break the shackles of Indian stereotypes.

If you are a man in your late twenties living India and let's say  you have decided to grow your hair up to your shoulders. Be ready for these remarks echoing into your ears every once in a while.
1. You look stoned.
2.How long has it been since you last had a shower?
3. Do u listen to rave music
4. Do u even have a job?
5. No girl will marry you unless you chop that hair off.
6. ( in case you have a really cool bike) Is that bike stolen?

If you happen to have a dusky complexion...
1. I know this one face cream which will make you fair. You should give it a try.
2. (Looking at your baby picture) "awww!!  you were such a fair baby ! what happened to you now?"
3. You need to do something to your skin before you get married
4. Are you south Indian?
5.( if your husband happens to be fair) Omg! How did he fall for you? You are so lucky!!
6. ( If your kid happens to be fair) This baby is so cute.She doesn't look anything like you!
7. You are pretty good looking for a dark girl
8. I don't think you should wear those type of colours. It doesn't compliment your skin tone.

If you love taking selfies....
1. You are so self obsessed
2. My news feed is filled with your updates
3. I'm unfollowing you.

If you love travelling...
1. Why don't you invest that money instead of wasting it?
2. Aren't all these places the same?
3. Isn't it boring to travel alone? Or is it that you don't have any friends?
4. Where do you find time for all this?
5. FYI : The petrol prices have hiked.
6. Don't you have to go to work?

If you are above 24 and unmarried....
1. Your friends have babies by now.
2. She is definitely in love with someone
3. Are you planning to be a nun?
4.  Your eggs will freeze
5. Girls usually lose their charm and beauty as they age. So hurry up before its late.

When you get your self a tattoo or a piercing.
1. You are  totally insane.
2. How will it look cool when you becomes a  granny?
3. You probably have HIV now. They use unsterilised needles.
4. You do realise its permanent right?
5. It brings out a "negative" appearance to you

When you achieve something huge in life.
1. He is such a show off
2. I know his roots. Trust me he is not that great.
3. He has new friends now so he doesn't like his old friends.
4. It is just pure luck.
5. Every dog has a day.

If you're a women...
1. I'm sure you are a bad driver
2. Wearing makeup and shopping is probably your favourite thing to do
3. You must know cooking.
4. You suck at math.
5. You live to gossip.

# 10
If you are a man
1. You should never cry.
2. You should know how to fix things around the house
3. You must earn more than your wife
4. Gym is your second home.
5. You don't like romantic movies
6. You should be good at sports

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