From a dentist point of view .....

1. Right before getting their teeth cleaned patient asks whether enamel wears off due to cleaning and you have to narrate the tale of hand scalers and ultrasonic scalers
2. The difficult time you have in educating the patient about the difference between sensitivity and pain
3. The challenging time during extractions when you have  to make the patient aware of the difference between pain and pressure
4. It's funny to watch the mixed expression of guilt and regret on a patients face the moment they realize that we just picked up the food they had an hour ago with a probe
5. Height of patience is cutting a crown in an upper seven in a macroglossic patient
6. The satisfaction we achieve when we catch a glimpse of the patient smiling on seeing the face mirror after a composite restoration in a midline diasthema case.
7. A properly seated complete denture in one go with absolute no trimming is heaven
8. After inspecting the stains on his teeth we enquire about smoking habits and to our utter amazement the patient replies that he is not a smoker
9. A cheerful day begins with a cooperative pedo patient
10.We dentist get heart attacks too; it's usually when we drop our airoter on the floor
11. When a Patient comes to the clinic with a dental problem and you end up finding a systemic disorder along with solution to their dental issue.That is it. The patient declares that you are the king of all doctors and you reach cloud nine.
12.Its amusing to hear patients using dental terms that they learned from the internet.

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