How to take care of your skin the natural way!

Face & neck - Click here

Eyebrows and eyelashes -
Dip a cotton bud into castor oil and apply over your eyebrows &lashes before going to bed to make them grow fast and thick

Rub your lips with beet root juice mixed with powdered sugar ! This acts as a great lip exfoliator
Cream of milk , ghee and butter are natural lip balms

--Rub olive oil over your nails before going to sleep at night and put socks on your feet at night !
--Clean your nails with hydrogen peroxide solution.
-- Pamper your feet by soaking them in a warm water to which your favourite shampoo is add ( just a bit). Keep it soaked for 20minutes.
-- Use an old toothbrush to clean your nails and toes once it's soaked.

-When you take your afternoon nap place cucumber slices over your eyes to get rid of that puffy eyes and for a relaxed sleep.
- Never rub your eyes
-Always apply extra amount of moisturiser in your under eye area as this area is very sensitive and very quick to develop wrinkles

-Grind shoe flower to get it's juice and apply it on your scalp . This is a natural shampoo!

- Weekly once wash your hair with egg white

-Hot towel treatment -- apply oil to your hair and bind your hair with a towel dipped in hot water ( water should not be too hot ) keep it for 20 minutes before hitting the shower

- Apply olive oil if your skin is dry .
- Keep your skin moisturised always
- Wear your non greasy sunscreen every time you step outside
- Don't forget your sunglasses and  your umbrella as well

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