How to do your own wedding makeup!

Things you will need
Face primer
Highlighter /illuminator
Eyeshadow palette
Eye primer
White eye pencil
Kohl /kajal
Makeup brushes
Setting powder /translucent powder or setting spray

For Skin
Olive oil

For Hair
Hot rollers

Other items
Tissue paper
Fine toothed hair comb
Bobby pins

For the Diy face pack - turmeric ,curd , rice flour/gram flour(besan) , papaya, ice cubes,steamer

Face & neck makeup

1. Steam your face with a steamer
2. Apply this  face pack  according to the procedure given in this link -----   face pack
3. Apply an  alcohol  free moisturiser
4.Put your face primer over your face after 2 min.

5.Apply  Concealer only on the dark spots /acne on your face and below your eyes. Blend it . There are many different types of concealer available like Liquid 2. Powder 3. Stick 4.Cream

6. Apply Foundation (without SPF )all over your face & neck. Don't forget the neck otherwise it will look as though you are wearing mask. Foundation must be the exact colour  of your skin tone.Blend away. You can mix a tinge of moisturiser with your foundation if you want full coverage. Step 5 ,6 are interchangeable . Whether foundation or concealer goes on first is up to you . When it comes to foundations there are three types 1. Liquid 2. Powder 3. Stick 4.Cream

6.apply blush in a diagonal manner from your ears to the corner of your mouth

7. Apply highlighter/ illuminator above your blush on your cheek bone. ( you can feel your cheek bone )  . Apply it to your cheekbones, inner eye and brow area. Do not apply shimmer/glitter.

Eye primer
8 . Apply eye primer ( face primer will also work) over your eyelids before putting eyeshadow or

To pop your eyeshadow
9. Apply white eye pencil over your lids. Make sure you do not go over your crease line

10. Start putting your eye shadow. Keep it to minimal. You don't want to look over done. Remember less is more and  Natural is the in thing! you are already overcrowded with an attire full of embroidery stones/glitter so you don't want your face also to look the same. If you are doing smokey eyes keep it light. Your eyes should not look panda-like.

11. Highlight your eyebrows by putting light colours( white,cream,) just below your eyebrows starting from the highest point of your eyebrow(arch) to the end of your brow. Also don't forget to put this same colour near the inner corner of your eyes. Remember to leave your T -zone matte if your skin is naturally oily. fill in your eyebrow with a brown eyeshadow( never use black) do not overdo it else you will end up looking like a man .This is one major mistake I see with all the MUA's. It's always overdone and fake .  Make sure you get your eyebrows professionally done at least 3 days prior to the big day.

12. Line your eyes top& bottom with kohl. Make sure to line the water area of  your upper eye. I would suggest a gel liner. If you are not comfortable applying with gel liner in the upper eyes go for liquid liner.

Set the makeup
13. Use a setting powder/translucent powder or setting spray to set all this face & neck makeup

Mascara & false lashes
14. Mascara can be applied to your lashes after curling your lashes with an eyelash curler or you can attach fake lashes followed by mascara application. Mascara should not be clumpy.
When flutter those flirty lashes you should make people wonder how long they are. Another tip is after one coat of mascara put some powder (any face powder) over the coated lashes and reapply another coat . This will giving you fuller & lasting curls. Before using your eye lash curler you might wanna blow dry it (mild heat only) and then curl your lashes:)! Make sure your mascara is waterproof. If you are applying  false lashes train them to fit your eyes &use a tweezer to hold them. Wait for at least 1 minute between application of glue and putting them on. False lashes can sometimes be obvious in photographs so you can go for individual false lashes.

Blotting the excess
15. Blot away the excess face makeup with a tissue paper.
You don't want powder or liquid foundation to smudge after a few hours and you definitly wouldn't want the excess powder to fall in your dress.

16. Rub your lips with  a mixture of olive oil & sugar to your lips using a toothbrush. This is a natural lip exfoliator. Always do this before applying lipstick. Pat dry with a tissue. Apply a lip primer. If you have naturally lined upper lips do not apply lip liner to the upper lips. If not apply lip liner only to your upper lips. After this apply lipstick with a lipstick applicator brush.choose a long lasting lipstick. Be sure not to stain your teeth. Blot dry with a tissue paper. Reapply another layer of lipstick.Do not apply lipgloss as this will only dilute your lipstick causing your lipstick to fade away in an hour. Common mistake- choosing a lip liner way too darker than your lipstick.

17. If you are wearing a white gown or saree I would suggest practicing puttin your makeup wearing a white tee shirt. Same applies to other colours . And do your makeup under natural light.

Skin care -
Don't forget to apply any moisturiser mixed with olive oil on your hands , feet, back of your neck... Where ever skin will show other than the face && neck . On top of this apply a bit just a bit of your compact powder followed by illuminator to fake that glow.

This one is for the Big soft curls for medium to long hair
1. Shampoo your hair. Apply conditioner (minimal)
2.Do not towel dry your hair instead blow dry your hair. While blowdrying your hair comb your hair straight with a fine toothed comb section by section simultaneously. This way you have a semi-straight hair by the end . When your hair is half dry use the cool setting of your blow dryer.
3.Apply a heat protective serum/spray to your hair.
4. Set your hot roller to the apt temperature
5. Once it's hot ,section your hair and roll up each sections. The larger roller gives you the big soft curls. The smaller rollers gives the springy curls.
6. Keep the rollers on your head for 15minutes or longer. The longer you keep the rollers on, the more long lasting curls you get!
7. Remove your rollers carefully
8. Run your fingers lazily through the curls  for more volume & to spread the curls giving it a natural look
9. Set the curls with a long lasting hair spray!
10. You are done.
11. Prior to this styling I personally suggest getting a 'layer cut 'maintaining the actual length of your hair .

Emergency wedding makeup bag should contain :-
2. lipstick ( a must )
3.bobby pins
4. Safety pins
5. Needle &thread
6.tissue paper
7. A handy small face Mirror
8. A small fine toothed comb
Have one of your close friend/sibling/cousin/mom /maid of honor carry this with them & tell them to always be somewhere near you throughout the day for your touchups!

Why should we do our own wedding makeup?

     1. About 70% of the indian makeup artist don't know how to make a bride with a wheatish or a dusky skin look her best at the wedding. They either underdo or overdo(mostly overdo). They usually use foundations which should be used for extremely fair skinned girls for everyone making these wheatish/dusky girls end up looking grey !

2. They think it's a sin to use any colours other than maroon or brown lipsticks on wheatish girls. It's high time they changed their stereotype red blush on cheeks ,pink eye shadow and brown lips look!

3.Then on the other side there are the really talented makeup artists who can make anyone look gorgeous . Their names are the first on everyone's  tongue when you ask who is the best in town . Some of them -as they gain popularity they increase their rates. They are the ones worth a try if you are ready to spend 50k ONLY on bridal makeup ! (Without saree draping or bouquet or hairstyling ) . All this for just one day?
       Now obviously there is one other choice. The choice which most of us are scared to take. It is doing your own wedding makeup. All you need to do is watch as many makeup tutorials on YouTube. Get familiarised with the words, products & procedures. Read product reviews. Buy the products with the best reviews. Try putting that on your face. Choose the ones which your skin is most compatible with . Check if you are allergic to any product. Once you have found the best products practuceo putting makeup till u get it right. Practice . Practice. Perrrrrrfect. Perrrfect. And Finally perfect! And by your big day you can do your own makeup. All this sounds impossible ? Well it's not . It's as easy as breathing. Trust me on that ! When you do your own makeup not only do you look your best you also get to have these makeup products for yourself .Atleast you can use them again and again and keep look great again and again .If you are very keen on doing your makeup in a Parlour do make sure to ask for rehearsal makeup . You don't want allergic reactions and most importantly you don't want ACNE following your wedding day.

             Some beauty parlours also use local products for profit but it's our face.  They buy an expensive foundation just once and when it gets finished instead of throwing away the bottles they store them. They buy a local brand foundation and pour it inTo this container. So when you sit for makeup and see them using an good brand foundation you rate that beauty parlour to be the best .You tell your friends. And they gain popularity. Most people are business minded.... Very few are genuine so if you  guys can distinguish then it's ok .But don't let them ruin your skin and rob you off your money.If you can find a genuine parlour then it's absolutely fine and worth every penny . So my point is do give this a thought - "Doing Your own makeup on your wedding"!!

Some products with the best reviews

Makeup forever hd foundation
Mac Pro long wear concealer
Loreal true match foundation
Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel liner
Urban decay primer potion
Loreal million lashes mascara
There are many many more . The list is too long to be mentioned here


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