Materials needed:
1. Glue(liquid )
2. Glass or vase
3. Egg shells
4. Tweezers (optional)

1. Crush the egg shells into small pieces
2. Apply glue over one section of the glass either horizontally or vertically
3. Put the egg shells over that area either with your fingers or using tweezers. I personally like using fingers because the work gets done faster but to pick up the tiny pieces you might need tweezers
4. Once you completed the whole area of glass leave it to dry for a day
5. Once it's dry you can start painting over the shells using water colours . Be careful not spread the paint on the glass
6.Once the paint is completely dry you can paint over the shells with a transparent nailpolish
7. Ta da!  You are done :) how easy was that ! I have not painted this one yet but will do so soon :)

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Inspiration -- ke

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