25 things I get irritated with ----

1.When I'm watching a thriller movie and my laptop decides to  shut down due to no charge
2. When my internet pack/booster gets over and unknowingly use the money in my main balance
3. When I'm gossiping with my girlfriends and that network lady tells me that my balance is going to get over
4.When I forget to put sunscreen
5. When my fone charge is critically low and I'm outside
6. Colourism
7. When I have food leftover and my stomach is way too full but lots of mouth watering items awaiting to be gulped
8. When I have zero balance in my phone and my boss calls me and I miss the call
9. When it's the month end and there's not a penny left with me
10. Keeping my white coat white
11. When ATM centres don't work
12. When IRCTC crashes
13. When you miss the last bus
14. When you get squished in a bus ( happens only in india)
15. When someone cuts the queue
16. When someone talks abnormally loudly on the phone
17. Acne
18. The mosquito buzzing in my ear
19. The dandruff
20. The autocorrect
21. Nosy women
22. The negative vibes that I get the first time I meet certain people
23. Men with long nails
24. Misers
25. When the shopkeeper hands me cough drops when they run out of coins

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